The Maasai Brand

The Maasai Brand

The Maasai Brand project was initiated in 2003 with the intention of empowering poor women`s groups in the Talek region of the Maasai Mara and to maintain and enhance the handicraft knowledge and designs of the Maasai famous bead works.

With over one hundred women working with us, we are making a positive change in the area. The women`s training takes place at our arts and craft centre at Basecamp Maasai Mara. The women live in the nearby villages and come to work at the centre five days a week. We base our range on traditional designs with some conventional pieces and some more contemporary fusions, all our products are handmade.

We work mostly with Maasai glass beads and high quality leather but we also try to utilize scrap metal and waste. Even the thread we use is from disused plastic food bags that are made into three strands and twinned together by hand. It will take you a bit of extra time to tie a knot and some patience to thread a loop, but that is part of the beauty of the work and a character that we are trying to preserve.

Our fair trade agreement ensures that the crafts person receives 75% of the sale price to The Maasai Brand (TMB) less the material cost. The women are involved in the process of pricing – the cultural significance of the product being one of several influencing factors. Typically their earnings are used for improved housing, health, children`s schooling and clothing.

By placing orders to this project you are making a difference and helping us to build a sustainable source of income for the women. Please visit to see all our products and read more. Interest in orders, pricing requests and for other info please mail us on:

The Maasai Brand at a glance.

Project goal:

-To provide local Talek women with a source of income by enabling them to produce and sell traditional handicraft. – To reintroduce and maintain traditional Maasai designs, skills, and products of high quality – In close collaboration with the local community, to promote traditional culture as a valuable asset and tool for development.


Basecamp Maasai Mara

Ashe Oleng!

Basecamp and the Talek Maasai community appreciate your support. Our concept of responsible and sustainable tourism and destination development is dependent upon it! … The people, the planet, the animals, and the sustainability of the project lies in our own hands, Thank You!

Please check and for more information and updates, or feel free to contact the Project manager directly.

Anna Lewerth – Project Manager

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The Maasai Brand

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