Maasai Mara Conservancies Forum

This is an umbrella organisation that brings together conservancies in the greater Mara for purposes of ecosystem management, social development, safeguarding of communal land.

The forum is under formation through the support of Basecamp Foundation Kenya, Kenya Wildlife Trust and Olare Orok Conservancy Trust.


The goal is to provide a platform for systematic dialogue among conservancies and between conservancies and various actors (both state and non state actors) on matters ranging from conservation to incentives to conserve among other issues.


The organization is intended to be the regional, county and national voice for conservation and community development work in the Mara. It will collaborate with and support the activities of the national conservancies organization by becoming a member.

Geographical Scope

The umbrella organization proposes to initially work with existing conservancies and those in formation but in future grow to cover the entire Masai Mara ecosystem including key water catchment areas such as the Mau and Loita.

Proposed Activities of the Forum

• Lobbying government for favourable policy
• Community education and awareness creation for better ecosystem management
• Governance and capacity building of community decision making structures on conservation and development
• Conflict resolution among conservancies through a council of elders
• Wildlife and tourist Security.
• Research and Monitoring.
• Secure Wildlife corridors & key habitats by expanding the conservancy concept.
• Harmonize conservancies guidelines, plans, regulations and programs
• Develop and implement ecosystem wide wildlife and tourism development plan
• Fund raising

Participating Conservancies

The participating conservancies are in different stages of formation

Established Conservancies

1. Ol-Chorro 7,082Ha
2. Lemek 6,860Ha
3. Olare Orok 9,720Ha
4. Olkinyei 7,070Ha
5. Motorogi 5,466 Ha
6. Mara North 30,955Ha
7. Naboisho 20,946Ha
8. Oloisukut 20,234Ha

Total acreage of established conservancies is 88,099Ha

Proposed Conservancies

1. Siana 12,545Ha
2. Enoonkishu 6,566Ha
3. Olderkessi 2,428Ha
4. Majimoto (?)

Total acreage of proposed conservancies is 21,539

For more information, please contact the following

Dickson Kaelo –
Judy kepher-Gona –
Allan Earshaw –

Those interested to participate should contact Dickson Kaelo on



For more information, visit,

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Maasai Mara Conservancies Forum

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