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The Koiyaki Guiding School is a facility funded by the tourism through Koiyaki Wilderness Camp and donors, local Maasai communities. Its primary purpose is to provide education for local Maasai school leavers leading to the Professional Safari Guides Bronze and Silver Level award.


To provide education to local Maasai youth in the tourism industry and land usage compatible with conservation thereby providing employment opportunities and promoting and encouraging conservation of the unique Maasai Mara ecosystem in general and the Koiyaki-Lemek conservation areas in particular.


To enhance conservation of the Maasai Mara wildlife by converting this region into an economically viable conservation area

To equip local people with the professional skills needed for them to participate in, and promote conservation and wildlife management

To provide financial benefits from tourism and other forms of landuse that are compatible with conservation to the local communities thus underpinning advantages of an economy based on conservation for their own lifestyle

To reduce encroachment of wildlife habitat by farming communities and thereby reduce man-wildlife conflict


The capital cost of building Koiyaki Guiding School and associated Wilderness Camp have largely been funded by the EU through the Community Development Trust Fund and Tourism Trust Fund of EU together with contributions from the Maasai Community, Tusk Trust (a UK based Charity), Campfire Conservation and many private donors. Ron Beaton who has been in the tourism industry for many years and also a champion of conservation is the prime mover in bringing this exciting project to fruition.

The location of the Guiding School and Wilderness Camp is on the northern boundary of the Mara Game Reserve. It abounds with natural beauty and is an important wildlife dispersal area. It forms the northern most end of the great Serengeti-Masaai Mara wildebeest migration route and supports good populations of lion, leopard, cheetah and a great diversity of other mammals, reptiles, and insects.

The Wilderness Camp has been introduced to provide exciting wildlife experiences to the general public in an area of unspoilt beauty away from the main tourism routes. It provides a back to nature wildlife experience with walking safaris, 4×4 safaris, and night drives. The trainee guides will be involved in running the camp under the expert guidance of the manager. This will form an important part of the students work experience.

The local communities will also be direct beneficiaries of the income generated by the camp thereby demonstrating the potential of conservation to their future prosperity.

The Location:

The school and Wilderness Camp site is approximately 10 kms west of the main Sekanani/ Narok road 14 kms west of the Siana airstrip that is serviced by scheduled Air Kenya flights. An airstrip adjoining the school is also available for charter flights.

Project Costs Volunteering in 2012

2 Week placement: £ 1035 / US$ 1860 / EUR 1345
4 Week placement: £ 1685 / US$ 3025 / EUR 2185
6 Week placement: £ 2275 / US$ 4095 / EUR 2960


For further information on the Koiyaki Guide School please visit www.koiyaki.com

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