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Aardvark is a burrowing mammal with a long snout, powerful claws, long tongue, and heavy tail. They are nocturnal creatures that feed on insects. They have an almost hairless body with a strongly arched back.
The agama is a small, long tailed, insect eating lizard, often colourful.
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Aardwolf is a small animal similar looking to a hyena but eats insects, birds and lizards.
This small sized chameleon reaches an average size of 11-14cm (4.5-5.5 inches) but can grow to 16cm (6.5 inch). The tail is normally as long as the body.
The Olive Baboon is also know as the Anubis Baboon. They have an olive green/grey coat that covers their bodies and a black face. The males have a mane of hair starting at their head going around their shoulders and gradually shortening towards their back. Males also have large canine teeth where as the teeth of females are much smaller. They move around on all four limbs.
Crocodile are thought to be around since the time of the dinosaurs. They are solitary reptiles that live in warm quiet murky water and mainly feed on fish.
The bat-eared fox's name comes from its enormous ears, which are large in proportion to its head like those of many bats. The size ranges from 18 to 26 inches long and weigh 7 to 12kg. The body is generally yellow-brown; the throat and underparts are pale. The outsides of the ears, the raccoon-like "face-mask," lower legs, feet, and tail tip are all black.
Geckos are small lizards from the Gekkonidae family. They are also the only lizard that can vocalize. They have no eye lids.
Unlike its exclusively African (in origin) relative the White Rhino, the Black Rhino originated from Europe in the Pliocene era.
The Nile monitor is dark brown-black with pale to yellow bands and spots forming broken cross bands on the body. They have strong jaws and muscular bodies.
Bush babies are small arboreal and nocturnal primates with large round eyes that are good for night vision and exceptionally fine hearing ability.
The African Helmeted Terrapin spends most of its time in or near water. They usually make their homes in swampy areas.
The Caracal in appearance resembles the Lynx in having characteristic dark tufts on its large, pointed ears.
The leopard tortoise is a large species of tortoise found throughout the African savannas. It is a generally solitary animal that spends the majority of its time grazing on plants.
The Cheetah is the fastest mammal on earth, able to reach speeds of upto 112 km/h which they can keep up for a few hundred meters.
The Civet is a small arboreal mammal with black and white stripes and blotches on their coats. These are as unique and distinct as fingerprints on human beings.
Crested Porcupine is a very large, black-bodied, nocturnal rodent with long, black and white spines and a prominent crest of elongated.
These are small antelopes that live in the bushes. The females are larger than the males. The males have horns about 3 inches long.
Duikers are small antelopes found in the bushy areas of the Maasai Mara. They feed on leaves, flowers and seeds.
Dwarf Mongoose is commonly found Savannas, thicket and woodlands, typically with numerous termitaries for shelter.
Size, mass and even colour (due to soil colour) differ greatly with distribution.
Giraffe have little sexual dimorphism other than males being taller and having heavier straighter horns.
Grant's Gazelle is a large, rather pale, gazelle found in the Africa.
African hares are 20 inches long and 4 pounds. The hare’s strong hind foot measures about 4 inches and the mobile ears are as long or longer.
Hippos are highly gregarious in water, during the day and solitary grazers in the grasslands at night.
These blunt-faced hyraxes vary in color both regionally and individually but are generally brown with a paler underside.
Impalas are medium-sized antelopes that roam the savanna and light woodlands of eastern and southern Africa.
Often in East Africa called the Silver Back Jackal because of the grizzled silver/black stripe down the back of this dog like carnivore.
The hartebeest is a large, fawn-colored antelope. It is one of the fastest antelopes and most enduring runners.