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Perched on the side of a hill, the camp lies just 4.5 km from the main gate of the National Park and within striking of the beautiful Mara River where the famous migration takes place.

The Camp

At Mara Bushtops, you step into a world where nature and contemporary comfort blend into one. Wander through a timeless space, where natural wooden decking links the sun-drenched outdoors to cool interiors; where fine furnishings reflect the elegance of African culture; and where your luxury tent affords spacious privacy, yet as close to nature as one can get.


Mara Bushtops consist of 12 luxury tents set amongst the rich wildlife of the Maasai Mara open on three sides to the great outdoors and each with its own special view. Tents can be configured for double or twin beds.


Everything is home-made using fresh herbs and vegetables from the camps own kitchen garden. Specific dietary needs can be catered for. There are also carefully selected range of world-famous wines kept in optimum climatic condition by ancient carbon refrigeration techniques.


The ability, experience and knowledge of the camp’s field guides is key to the success of the safari. Mara Bushtops insists on high standards of these key personnel. In addition to their safari duties, they are continuously adding to their knowledge through study and exams.

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