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Hello! Thank you for your interest in the Basecamp Educational Scholarship Support Project, which is working hard to contribute to the important development of education for the Maasai community of the Maasai Mara.

We currently have 26 girls in sponsored primary boarding school, and 1 in secondary, while we are looking for more contributors towards Secondary sponsorships.
We now also have the opportunity to provide support to Students at the Koiyaki Guiding School, linked to the newest Basecamp development, the Wilderness Camp.

Education Scholarship Support Project at a Glance.

Project goal:

To support young women role models in education of the Maasai in a male dominated cultural setting in order to stimulate social development and prepare the Maasai society for future cultural challenges.


Talek, Maasai Mara

Time frame:

Continuous – Ongoing.

Partners and stakeholders:

Talek Maasai community, Basecamp Guests, Basecamp Foundation

Funding mechanisms:

Guest contributions.

Basecamp Foundation Project Category:


Project Life

27 girls sponsorships and 1 boy in primary school, and 1 girl and 1 boy in secondary school for 2008 confirmed so far (Thank You!) from Guest contributions and Basecamp Foundation funding. We have just developed the Secondary school sponsorship system, and are actively looking to support for this important process.

Looking Ahead!

We are working hard to secure further sponsorships for more students at secondary level, and already have some requests from the community for support.
In addition, we are also looking for support for the Koiyaki Guiding School 2008/09 intake. The majority of support for the guides so far has come from Tourism camps and companies, but the recent turmoil in Kenya has forced many organizations to cut back on costs. We believe that this should not however affect the vital education of tomorrow’s Guides, and we are therefore looking to develop secure funding streams for this purpose.

Ashe Oleng!

Basecamp and the Talek Maasai community appreciate your generous support. Our concept of responsible and sustainable tourism and destination development is dependent upon it. The people, the planet, the animals, and the sustainability of the project lies in our own hands.

Should you wish to support this project, please check for more information and updates, or feel free to contact the Project Manager directly.

Thank You!

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