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David Livingstone Safari Resort
Kenya » Maasai Mara » Lemek Conservancy

David Livingstone Safari Resort commands one of most spectacular views in the Mara – Serengeti ecosystem; the lodge lies on the Mara River at the edge of Maasai Mara National Reserve and overlooks deep pools where crocodiles and hippos bask all day.


The camp consist of 80 en-suite rooms, 2 deluxe suites of two bedrooms each having views of the Mara River from the veranda.
The rooms are decorated in vibrant Maasai colours with bright fabrics and rugs with the timber beams supporting the thatched roof that keep the rooms warm in the cold Mara weather.


The restaurant serves the tastiest examples of Kenya’s rich and varied cuisine. Choice cuts of meat, poultry and fish are subtly blended with exotic local flavors and deliver a truly African experience prepared to international standards.

Closest Airport (line of sight) : Mara North Airstrip 1.0 KM

Closest Property (line of sight)

  • Mara Buffalo Camp 1.25 KM
  • Enkerende Tented Camp 3.21 KM
  • Mara Paradise Lodge 3.76 KM
  • Duma Camp 3.98 KM
  • Royal Mara Safari Lodge 4.79 KM